Like this Jewelry for my sensitive ears

This pair of earrings make an ideal gift for someone you care about.They can be found in a fancy 3 piece jewelry box.The box in a box adds an component of anticipation and surprise.Perfect for anybody who doesn’t like wrapping presents but really wants to give a gift to someone special.With the reduced cost of these earrings, it generally does not need to cost an arm and a leg that you should have a nice little bit of jewelry.

If an outfit screamed ‘pearls’, costume were sufficient.Looked the same if you ask me!We purchased these as they were thus affordable, to observe how cultured pearls differed to fake mostly. I was pleasantly surprised by both their excess weight and how chilly they felt!There is a very soft deep luster to them I appreciate.While I still like ‘shiny’ , I will wear my own, personal pearls very happily indeed!

It’s like a light display.In dim light the colors reflected are softer but still beautiful!!!!!The info.from the business said you could wear it with a wrist watch but it is much too fairly to stack with anything and is ideal worn alone.This is simply not a tiny bracelet; the square crystals measure 1/4 in . and the bracelet is not overly large.

It came in a first Ani and Alex container with explanation paper and primary tag on bracelet.(I’ve purchased a number of myself at the Alex and Ani shops).I was pleased to be able to purchase this one since it is an discontinued style and I liked that one better than the newer birthstone design.

In the pictures, they appeared much more bright periwinkle blue.What I received was similar in size and shape, but the colors weren’t as bright and a little more grey.I considered sending them back again.I’m glad I didn’t, my wife loves them.She commented today that each goes very well with the majority of her work clothes (business casual, blues, greys, blacks).I was also just a little concerned about the size of the earrings while she mostly wears smaller non-dangly studs.

I haven’t acquired a problem yet but I did so notice they can be purchased by different sellers therefore maybe some aren’t actual like I’ve read in the reviews.The July one fades I will write another review if.I’m gonna buy even more because I want all my children’s birth stones.I’ll keep you published!!!

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