Impressed once again,says Jewellery junkie

I literally could not believe something so amazing could come at such a humble cost and become shipped to my door in two in such elegant product packaging.The picture shall under no circumstances do that piece justice.You have to encounter this bracelet first hand to fall in love.Also, added bonus, the clasp is extremely generous and adjustable.

I’ve admired the Tree of Lifestyle pendants for some time now, glad I got around to ordering finally.The pendant is 2 inches in diameter, larger than I expected.The chain is 32 inches (hangs down 16 inches)The second chain (surprise!) is 20 inches (hangs 10 inches) lengthy and a finer link than the much longer chain.Both chains are a copper color – uncommon, but I like it.It looks like some of the stones could be drilled a little too close to the edge therefore may break off if bumped hard or caught on something.

Well, kudos to them for being confident in their product!I have to say that I didn’t expect too much considering the price, and the fact that I possibly could only spend the money for smaller size, but wow, I had a large smile on my face when I opened that box.The presentation is excellent, and it appears luxurious.The 7-8mm size looks perfect for my wife; I’m happy I didn’t go any bigger.

Neither of us had ever seen these with a stone.She is a nurse and wears very little jewelry but says she’ll never remove it.It arrived a week previous then her bday also. This is most likely the only time somebody complains about something arriving early, but I’ll live with it.Many thanks for swift service through the holidays especially.

It isn’t the same type and a means cheaper than the a single I had lot. But it proved that this is quite beautiful and elegant also.I would like to buy a necklace to complement it later.Even sweeter, the sell gave a note the package that you can get a free gift if you review it 🙂 I provide it 5 stars because I like it.Be aware that there is a small flap which you can loose before you placed on.I didn’t observe that and had to squeeze my hand in.OMG, it was painful.

I purchased these for my wife for our anniversary.My partner collected wild blooms for years, and preserved them in books etc., so normally, she loves these earrings.The write-up doesn’t say what the flowers are, but my partner says they are Forget-Me-Nots, which makes them more appropriate even.They are extremely pretty, real flowers, pressed between glass, with a Sterling silver band and hooks.

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