Don’t need to spend a ton of money to obtain nice quality sunglasses

Everything just appears much more crisp. They feature a zipper case, soft bag and micro fiber cloth. Time shall tell if they framed and lens hold up, but no complaints so far. UPDATE 8-27-2015: Still loving these eyeglasses. They’re supporting well. No scrapes on the lens, despite them being placed face down on some surfaces. I did lose one of the nose pads (small rubber pad that pushes into the nose frame).

My son misplaced my second couple of Oakleys, and was prepared to buy a new pair for an upcoming deep sea fishing visit to Key West. In some way, I simply couldn’t pull the trigger on a now $100. 00+ pair. So, went on Amazon > sunglasses > polarized > highest rating by clients, and found Duco. A set was bought by me personally based on the customer reviews. I figured, at the minimum, I could give them to my son and not be as greatly invested as with a pair of Oakleys.

Also, the included case is quite nice. It’s difficult and includes a nice exterior texture while the interior includes a softer/finer lining and won’t scratch. Comes with a screen/zoom lens microfiber fabric. The hard case suits perfectly in leading higher pocket of my S2000, I by no means utilized this pocket before but now it’s got a purpose lol. There’s a gentle sleeve for the glasses if you choose not really to use the hard case. I will not use it, but it’s there anyway.

If the seller is reading these exact things, please respond about the possibility of this purchase. I’ve bought three pairs, therefore i am a loyal customer. The medial side hinges allows the medial side arms to flex in/out like my Maui Jim will. That supports my big fat head. (I didn’t obtain that with my Oakleys).

My wife once bought me $200 Oakleys hoping the product quality and cost would force me to look after them. Thankfully they lasted me 10 weeks but I wasn’t about to drop another $200. And I’m tired of the $15-$20 cheaply produced sunglasses at Focus on and such.

The glasses were wrapped perfectly so there would be no bumps or scratches. They came with a really nice case that may clip onto a belt loop or a backpack, and a small tool to use to tighten the screws if indeed they got loose. They also included a cleaning cloth and a little card that demonstrated the polarization and how well they proved helpful in bright sunlight. They are attractive glasses that look very good on also. My husband says they can fit well and are comfortable to wear.

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